Who We Are

One of the world’s first digital securities exchanges aims to provide a blockchain based exchange for capital markets and will operate the listing and trading in digitised form of securities on GSX Asia’s Global Market. Such securities include shares (Security Token Offerings or STO’s), debt instruments and collective investment schemes.

Our Vision

GSX Asia aims to be the ASEAN regions key digital securities exchange, providing a venue for issuance of companies looking to raise capital, with sell-side facilitators, including exchanges and banks offering finance. GSX Asia will host both primary (new issues) and secondary marketplaces for sustainable and tradable financial products. Linked into the growing GSX ecosystem of exchanges, powered by the GSX STACS blockchain, GSX Asia will provide a reliable venue to broaden the accessibility of capital in the ASEAN region.

What We Do

Q4, listing and trading securities (shares, bonds, funds) as a regulated exchange, using our ledger blockchain technology – the ‘GSX Native STACS Protocol’.


Further develop our product offering and services, listing and trading non-STACS “wrapped” securities (shares, bonds, bankable assets) in Q1 2021.

We will utilise smart contracts to deploy ESG / Maqasid compliant assets

Powered by the propriety
GSX STACS blockchain

Supporting the development
of the ASEAN Region

Creating pathways for
SME’s to gain low cost
access to capital

“The expansion of the GSX Group’s Asian presence comes at an opportune time, considering the heightened demand for sustainable and tradable financial products in the ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) region, especially with regards to SME issuance.”